Friday, February 5, 2010

Redmine Installation on Ubuntu 9.04

I decided to give a try to Redmine 0.9.1 and decided to test it on my own notebook running Ubuntu 9.04 (64 bit). As a Ruby newby I had a few issues that's why I'm going to post here my experience. By the way: Redmine is running fine on my notebook authenticating users against my corporate OpenLDAP!

First of all I installed the gem and ruby packages from the Ubuntu repos:

sudo apt-get install rubygems ruby

I decided to perform te remaining installation steps from gem (which, by the way, is a good tool to install ruby packages, something like apt):

sudo gem install rails
sudo gem install rake
sudo gem install rack -v=1.0.1

By default Redmine runs on top of mySQL, but I prefer PostgreSQL as RDBMS so I followed the Redmine wiki instructions to configure PostgreSQL as backend.

sudo gem install pg

Here I got the first problem as a native library I haven't installed on my PC was required, but the outputted message was unclear: something regarding a missing pg_config parameter or command.
After some search I discovered pg_config is a command line utility available through the Ubuntu repositories, so the problem is easily solved running:

sudo apt-get install libpq-dev

Now the previous installation command should finish properly and you can continue with the instructions available on the Redmine wiki.

Once started the WEBrick server I started playing with the web application but I encountered another problem: the OpenLDAP integration. I entered all the parameters in the fields and get a succesfult connection test but I was unable to log into the system with OpenLDAP accounts: I discovered the problem was I entered too much informations in the LDAP Authentication definition!

Strange but solving: in the Redmine LDAP Authentication definition page you MUST NOT insert any credentials (I was erroneusly populating those fields with LDAP administrator credentials) but leave those fields blank and voilĂ , LDAP integration works!

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Mark Pennington said...

I was fighting with this for several hours, thinking as you did that I needed read-only credentials. Once I removed the username and password, it worked as expected. Thanks.