Thursday, September 2, 2010

Subversion and "Could not authenticate to server"

Yesterday I was trying to release the latest stable version of the dbUnit project through Maven and I lost some time trying to solve a stupid problem with Subversion: everytime I ran the mvn release:prepare command I got an error saying I wasn't able to authenticate to the Sourceforge SVN server.
As I was previously more than able to release the project through this same exact procedure I think the very source of the problem was the upgrade of the Subversion client. This operation infact made the project checkout directory incompatible with the command line client I was using since my last release and I decided to upgrade to the latest 1.6 version of Subversion CLI.

Everything was working fine but I forgot something: suversion command line tools caches the user credentials and the Maven release goal is performed in an unattend fashion!

If you encounter such a problem I suggest you issue the following command providing your credentials when prompted:

svn lock

In my case the command was:

svn lock

This should prompt you for credentials which will be cached by the SVN client.

Do not forget to unlock the file issuing the unlock command, or none else will be able to commit on that file anymore!

svn unlock

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