Saturday, August 9, 2008

PostgreSQL on Windows Vista

Today I experienced a strange behavior of that strange operating system called Windows Vista Premium Edition: I wasn't able to correctly install PostgreSQL 8.2 nor 8.3

At a first look the installation process was ending correctly but whenever I try to start the service or the stand alone server nothing happens. When I tried to start the server from the command line I got something was missing from the installation folder... the entire data subfolder was missing!

After trying without success many installation options I tried to digg into the problem and what I've found is very strange: I don't have the permissions to create that folder!

The strange thing is I had the permission to create the parent installation folder, all the sibling folders containing binaries, extensions and clients... but not the data folder!

I got the short way: I created the data folder, added myself as a user having all rights on the folder then I runned bin\initdb.exe -D data et voilĂ ... the database is ready and working.

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